RailPro RailBus™ RRV Film

RailBus™ RRV

We believe that RailPro RailBus™RRV’s will be extremely popular. The RailBus is built on a Isuzu FTR850 chassis or UD 90 Chassis, with SABS/RTA approved coach body designs, conforming to all Safety and Regulatory requirements. The RailBus seats up to 43 passengers and a driver and conductor.

The concept works because:

  1. Passenger numbers are small
  2. Rolling Stock is expensive
  3. Rolling stock and loco’s spares and maintenance is expensive
  4. Loco’s fuel use is high (6 litres diesel per km)
  5. RailBus RRV fuel use is low (5km per litre of diesel)
  6. Truck maintenance is cheaper
  7. Rail is often under-maintained – ability for the RailBus to “mount” & “dismount” the rail
  8. Procurement of RailBus RRV’s is quick
  9. Remote communities benefits