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Who We Are?

A road-rail vehicle (?RRV?) is a vehicle which can operate both on rail tracks and a conventional road. These are vehicles used by network operators to maintain their rail infrastructure.

The RailPro group is comprised of experienced engineers who hold the exclusive licence in South Africa to state-of-the-art DSDS? technology. Railpro have fully equipped workshops, and build the DSDS conversion package onto standard road vehicles to allow them to run on rail.

RailPro?s DSDS? allows ?on-rail? performance specifications and capabilities similar to ?on-road? specifications.

The company is based in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Why are RRVs Used??

? ?RRVs are widely used for the following activities on railroads:

? Maintaining the ?Permanent way? rail road;

? Maintenance of rail ? surveying and track inspection;

? Delivery of men and materials (rail, sleepers, ballast, fencing, wires, etc) from depot yard to track side, no load transfers;

? Crane delivery to site;

? Welding teams delivery and recovery;

? Delivery of replacement rail track;

? Maintenance of Over Head Track Equipment (?OHTE?);

? Proximity to rail work ? Fencing etc;

? Pesticide Spraying;

? Obstacle clearance; Leaf blowing and scrubbing with wire brushes, snow ploughing etc.

? Drain inspection & clearing

? Ultrasonic rail scanning

? Ice scrubbers and 3rd rail sensors

Benefits of RRVs

? Mobility: Self-contained, road legal vehicle

? Rail-rolling stock: Reduced dependency on rail locomotives.

? Track Time: Greater flexibility of track time;

? Reduced logistics:Self-sufficient vehicle, so no haulage to site required

? Increased efficiency: Delivery of men and materials from depot yard to track side, no load transfers

? Cost improvements: Avoids?expensive low loader deliveries

? Increased productivity:?Able to transport multiple maintenance teams and be fully equipped with tools required.? No need to push a trolley up track

? Improved health and safety:?All equipment can be stored in the vehicle, so reduced manual lifting

? Security: No vandalism and parking issues, machine is taken to worksite in one continuous process, not left unattended

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